STATES® Terminal Blocks and Test Switches are designed and manufactured by Megger to facilitate the calibration, disconnecting, troubleshooting, checkout and testing of meters, relays, instruments, transducers and control systems. Test technicians and engineers have long depended on these high-quality STATES® products to provide easy access to wiring on panelboards and switchboards. For increased safety, durability, ruggedness and reliability, they incorporate many features in material composition and design construction. STATES® Terminal Blocks and Test Switches eliminate wiring reconnection errors and save operator time. Because they easily make, break or rearrange the connections of an electric circuit without disturbing permanent wiring, work can be performed on energized panels.

Terminal Blocks
STATES® Types NT and ZWM Terminal Blocks are widely acclaimed for their unique sliding-link disconnect feature which permits the insertion of an indicating instrument or artificial load into a circuit without disturbing permanent wiring. STATES® Terminal Blocks are recognized by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Test Switches
The complete line of STATES® Test Switches includes front-connected, back-connected, semiflush-mounted and flush-mounted versions. The switches provide all the features you need for applications that involve potential elements, current elements and make before- break short-circuiting elements for CT circuits.

Certified to ISO 9001
All our facilities are certified to the full operational requirements of the ISO 9001 quality standard.

Proprietary Information Disclaimer
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